*** 1ST LIMITED-EDITION PRINT RELEASE:    Painter/Poet/Activist TJ Reddy (1945-2019) ***

*** 1ST LIMITED-EDITION PRINT RELEASE: Painter/Poet/Activist TJ Reddy (1945-2019) ***

TJ Reddy poet, muralist, painter, activist passed away March 31, 2019.  This Renaissance man never had an official memorial service to commemorate his ascension to a higher plane.    We have taken advantage of this opportunity to create the 1st limited-edition print to honor TJ Reddy’s artistry and social activism.  This limited-edition print will be released, on August 3rd at the National Black Theater Festival (NBTF) 2022 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.      

The limited-edition print sketch was rendered in such a way and the words were chosen to speak to the history of events surrounding his life. The caption reads:

'The energy captured in this sketch reflects his restless spirit’s search for the meaning of life. He looked at the world through, if not bars, fragile windowpanes made of trials and tribulations thrown in his path…'

In celebration of this event, we pledge a $20,000 contribution to the Chemin Joy Reddy Memorial Fund.  A 20% donation from the sale of each signed limited-edition print will be made to his grandchildren’s scholarship fund in his honor.  Only 322 of 325 limited-edition prints are available.  This blog post will give updates on availability and progress toward our scholarship fundraising. 

TJ Reddy’s contribution to social progress for equality for minorities and women can’t be underestimated.  Bio link   https://clture.org/t-j-reddy/ .  As well, he is the author of two books of poetry, ‘Less Than A Score, But A Point’ (Random House/Vintage Books, 1974) and Poems in One Part Harmony (Carolina Wren, 1980). 

For those who knew of him, this link https://youtu.be/x_3keBbZ-EM  demonstrates his ongoing influence on art teachers & children.  A Charlotte Muralist teaches kids history and social activism through art highlighted on a Kelly Clarkson Show in July 2022.  I’m reaching out to Tommy Robinson, Juan Logan, and the at-large community to celebrate TJ Reddy’s art and social activism every August 6th, every year! 

Reggie Smith/KWESI

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I had the idea after the CELEBRATION of LIFE for TJ (Reddy) to purchase ‘The
Painter Poet TJ Reddy’ for the West Boulevard branch of the Charlotte Mecklenburg
library & was (finally) advised today that they accept the gift in honor of TJ – there is
an historical link to that particular location at the intersection with Romare Bearden…

Please contact me @ YOUR availability/convenience.

A ‘friend’ of TJ!

Jan A. Keil (‘kyle’)
(704) 366-7371 land line

Jan Keil

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